100 days, 300 winners. Choose your prize!

100 luck days

From the 4th of August for 100 days, until the 11th of November, each single day you have a chance to be a lucky winner. And then you can even choose your Prize! You could be…sipping luxury champagne, relaxing on a lazy boy, flashing new designer accessories or you could be playing on Handy Luck, on a new smartphone or tablet! There are 3 categories of draws: Daily, Weekly and "Milestone" (every 10 days).

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Scan this code from a phone or a tablet and let the fun begin.

Or text Handy to 80266

Just text Handy to 80266 and you'll receive a link on your phone. You'll receive £5 to try before you deposit.

We'll match your first deposit bonus up to £150. If you deposit £150, then you have £300 to play with.

We'll match your first deposit up to £150. We'll also match your second deposit up to £50 and your third up to £25. That's £225 in 3 bonuses.